Why Wohlfahrt?

Franz Wohlfahrt. Of all the musical composers in the world, I never understood why my violin teacher gave me this one to study for my first round of lessons. Seriously? I barely got through the first lesson without busting out laughing whenever she asked me to pull out his sheet music.

Of course, there was the expectation of the highest order that I was expected to comport myself in a controlled, mature fashion, and not utter a sound. I think my instructor knew this, and got high entertainment value from it, at my expense.

In the end, I'll never forget his name, but I've no idea what he wrote nor why I played his music. It's a good excuse to revisit it now that I've returned to the cello. We'll see if I can remember how to transpose from treble to bass clef! Happy arpeggios to you, my friends!


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