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Why we started this endeavor

Th overall goal of the organization is to bring together artists and community members for musical venues who might not otherwise meet each other and to ultimately Revitalize the Community through musical collaboration in a healthy, safe environment.


We believe strongly in the power of music to foster human bonds, strengthen resolve and promote healing.  We are dedicated to connecting artists to their audiences in new and innovative ways, based upon a model of volunteerism & social stewardship, instead of  traditional monetary reward.  

TheLazyWay is committed to maintaining continuance of the stated goals by: a) supporting new emerging artists' launch in the industry by providing low-cost and no-cost musical and artistic venue opportunities; b) providing a safe haven for our Sorrow-into-Song program;  and c) coordinating and hosting free and low-cost concerts and live music/theater/art to residential centers in the local community.

Sorrow-into-Song Program:  Weekend retreats pairing songwriters with citizens in a safe collaborative physical space, so that transformative healing can occur and ultimately support individuals to remain healthy members of society.

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