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• September 13, 2107 •


The idea of this organization was born on a trip to Nashville, TN, but it had been conceived

in St. Louis the prior spring.  Having driven past the home of Bob James, not far from my mother's childhood home, I was filled with musical nostalgia and thoughts of how I might use my minimal talents to effect change upon the world, if only in a small way. I had decided that there was a need out there that maybe I could fill with a little collaboration.

We have a country full of talented artists who provide their musical gifts primarily to those with full pockets.  Through no fault of anyone's it is how our system works.  However, the joy and benefit artists can provide, in closer contact with their audience, and for the sake of community service, is a magical gift of its own. My job and passion is to link artists with new audiences and collaborators that might not otherwise experience one another so that they can draw hope and inspiration from one another.

Many talented people are drawn to the power of music, with some cities drawing more more artists than others. Nashville is notable as "the music city," so we decided to focus the project here.  Over time, ideas took firmer shape, but our primary goal has remained steadfast: to bring music to members of the community that might not otherwise experience it, to ultimately realize our goal: to Revitalize the Community through Music.  

If you'd like to join us to make music or donate time or treasure in another way, just contact us.  We always welcome new folks.  



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