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lazy (adj.)

of persons, " adverse to labor, action or effort

the lazy    ay


The motto of the organization began out of a desire to find solace in non effort.  Our daily lives are hectic, and until we stop being productive, we cannot address our art.  Our art serves us through self expression, and through music and art, we reach spiritual oneness.  Since ancient history, humans have turned to art, music and song in it's most basic forms, for comfort, self expression, connection and therapeutics.  

In lyrics we often unburden our hearts and untangle ourselves from pain or puzzles we encounter while walking crooked the path that is our life.  We at TheLazyWay believe that unlocking one's ability to "tell one's own story" to music can be liberating and deeply transformative. 


The human voice lifted in song, for example, is free, and available to almost everyone.  


We don't use our natural singing voices enough on a daily basis.  We used to sing frequently in school and church, and it is often missing from daily life.  


If you are not a musician, we will pair you with one who is, to guide you through this journey.  Participation is voluntary, and performance is never required.  We offer many experiences to try music at all levels.

The mission of this organization is to provide safe haven for the collaboration of music and songwriting in an effort to provide opportunities for healing to disenfranchised citizens of our country in their times of need.  

We have a website, blog and are building a new community of "Lazers," people who understand when it's time to slow down, stop sometimes. to get off your horse, and tell your story to someone who will not only listen, but help you put it into a manageable container, such as only a song can be.